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Opioid Crisis Intervention (OCI) Training


Description: This informational fact based training session provides the skills needed to recognize and respond to an opioid crisis. Includes hands-on training in the use of Naloxone (Narcan).

*Course suitable for any workplace including volunteer based organizations or general interest.


- Intro to Opioids (Discussion):

- Types of drugs"Uppers" vs. "Downers" (Oral, Injecting, Snorting & Inhaling)

- Myth busting: What have you heard?

- Intro to Naloxone - Narcan (Comercial Branded Name) vs. Naloxone (Name of the medication) - Drugs this will work on

- Opioid Overdose - Signs & Symptoms

- Review: Myths - Debunked (open ended discussion) - Is Naloxone a miracle cure? Does it work on all drugs? What is the difference between opioids and non-opioids? How does Naloxone work?

- CPR & AED Review

Demo & Discuss - How to administer Naloxone:

- Ampoule / Vile - Injection / Nasal Atomizer

- Post Naloxone use - Discussion

Completion Requirements: 100% attendance, skills demonstration

Duration: Approximately 3 Hours.

Re-training: Recommended every 2 years

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