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FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR (FAI) Canadian Red Cross Accredited Course: Includes Fundamentals of Instructions - (FOI)

Description: This is a comprehensive, all-inclusive, student-based learning course. This will provide candidates the knowledge base, and skills to enable them to facilitate a list of Canadian Red Cross Courses. This will include Emergency/Standard First Aid Level C & AED (EFA-C and SFA-C) Marine Basic First Aid plus Emergency/Standard Child Care First Aid.

The course will be a continuous process following Red Cross Pathways with completion being facilitating a SFA-C & AED course. The course will include fundamentals of Teaching: How people learn, including, communication, Instructional Techniques for learning Styles. Assessment/evaluation Theory, Incorporating principal based standards, inclusion, hands on Individual and group assignments, and practice teachings.

Fundamentals of Instruction (Day 1 & 2):

• Foundations of Being an Instructor

• Lesson Planning

• Types of Learning

• Learning Considerations

• Preparing for your Classroom

• Creating a Safe Learning Environment

• Starting a Course & Maintaining A Safe Learing Environment

• Instructional Techniques - Part I

• Instructional Techniques - Part II

• Simulations

• Communication

• Conflict Resolution

• Assessing & Evaluating Participants & Closing a Course

• Post-Course Tasks & Responsibilities

• Teaching Experience - First Aid Programs

Prerequisites: Current Canadian Red Cross (or equivalent / recognized), certification in SFA-C & AED within the past 12 months. Please email a copy of your Standard First-Aid Certificate to

*** Looking to RECERTIFY your Canadian Red Cross certification? Please click on the recertification course dates below for more information and pre-requisites.***

Completion Requirements: 100% attendance - Skills Demonstration, online components, classroom, Teaching Experiences, and 80% minimum passing grade on written test

Duration: Approx. 6 hrs - Skills Demonstration. Approx. 8 hrs online component. 32 hrs classroom. 16 hrs Teaching Experience

Certification: 3 year Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor (FAI) Certification. This is achieved upon completion of the Pathways up to and including facilitating a 2 day Standard First Aid Course Level C & AED.

***(CANADIAN FIRST-AID TRAINING Ltd. is an authorized Instructor Development Centre/Delivery Partner for the Canadian Red Cross)

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Monday August 26 - Friday August 30
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Monday March 24 - Friday March 28

Recertification Courses

Thursday August 08
Monday October 07
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Wednesday January 22
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Tuesday April 01
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