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Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

Canadian Red Cross

Description: Participants will learn and demonstrate all knowledge and skills needed to provide appropriate patient assessments, interventions, and on-going care, including the transportation of a patient to a healthcare facility. Course content may vary depending on jurisdictional requirements and, in addition, follows the National Occupational Competency Profiles (NOCP) as defined by the Paramedic Association of Canada. Participants will be engaged in dynamic training techniques including video, media presentations, skills demonstrations, practice sessions, discussions and scenarios based on real-life situations.

Audience: Professionals in emergency medical care who may be responsible for initial assessments, the provision of safe and prudent care, and the transport of a patient to the most appropriate healthcare facility.

Duration: Approximately 120 hours


• Participant must be certified in Standard First Aid with CPR level C. Completion

Completion Requirements:

• Successfully demonstrate the required skills

• Minimum 75% mark for written, closed book, knowledge evaluation

• Successfully complete two evaluated scenarios (one medical and one trauma)

• Attend and participate in 100% of the course


3-year certification in Emergency Medical Responder (digital certificate issued upon successful completion)

Course Content:

• The Professional Responder

• Responding to the call

• Infection prevention and control

• Anatomy and physiology

• Assessment

• Airway management and respiratory emergences

• Circulatory emergencies

• Shock

• Hemorrhage and soft tissue trauma

• Musculoskeletal injuries

• Chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries

• Head and spinal injuries

• Acute and chronic illnesses

• Poisoning

• Environmental illnesses

• Pregnancy, labour and delivery

• Special populations

• Crisis intervention

• Reaching, lifting and extricating patients

• Transportation

• Multiple-casualty incidents

• Pharmacology

• Marine environment

• Workplace

Participant Materials:

• Canadian Red Cross Emergency Care for Professional Responders Reference Text

• Canadian Red Cross Emergency Care for Professional Responders Workbook (optional)

Current In-house Public Course Schedule

EMR - Full Courses

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Monday August 12 - Wednesday August 21
Monday September 16 - Wednesday September 25
Monday October 28 - Wednesday November 06
Monday January 06 - Wednesday January 15
Monday March 03 - Wednesday March 12

EMR - Recertification Courses

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