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Washable Preventive Masks


CANADIAN FIRST-AID TRAINING has secured a steady supply of Washable Preventive Masks and are available immediately.

*Please be advised: We proudly provide the use of these masks for our training and are available at no charge.

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Why consider our masks?:

  • Avoid costly disposable mask programs
  • Does not compete with medical grade masks dedicated to healthcare professionals
  • Helps prevent touching nose and mouth when worn properly
  • Responsible way to prevent waste

Good to know:

  • Non-medical grade
  • Reusable and launderable (Can be home laundered up to 75 washes)
  • 3-layer fabric mask with elastic ear loop
    • Outer layer: 100% polyester
    • Lining: Non-woven
    • Inner layer: 100% cotton
  • Three masks per person is recommended (i.e. One wearing, one ready to use, one in the laundry)
  • Available in Black & Red – Singles (White & Navy can be ordered in bulk of 50 masks or more)
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Advantages for wearing a fabric face mask, in case you’re considering it for yourself:

1. They keep you from touching your mouth and nose.

We have all heard how easy it is to transmit the virus from surfaces we touch to our own mouth or nose. Having a fabric barrier makes that very difficult to do once you get used to washing your hands before removing your mask.

2. They protect others from your cough.

Asymptomatic transmission of the virus happens when someone coughs or sneezes, spreading particulates through their saliva. You may think you’re fine if you’re not displaying any other symptoms, but a mask will keep your coughs contained. This is handy during allergy season!

3. They offer some security from others.

While the holes in fabric are large enough for the virus to pass through them, some barrier to coughs and droplets is better than none. If you can, fashion a mask with openings on the side so you can insert an additional filter layer. 

Learn how to make your own fabric mask here:


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