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Below are various testimonials sent to us by Canadian First-Aid Training customers.

The service you provide is awesome! Canadian First-Aid Training’s website is a gold mine of customer-friendly information! The Philips HeartStart FRx AED specifications, accessories, videos, instructions, warranty and maintenance checklist are first-rate! And the after-sales support is superb! On behalf of Friends of the Gym, many thanks!


Pinawa Core Action Fitness

I just wanted to write and let you know now how thankful I am that you came to teach us the ABC’s of CPR. Sunday afternoon I was driving along Broadway and witnessed a horrific 2 car collision. Myself and the other guy in the car were the only people there for about 4-5 minutes so I ran over to see what i could do and all of a sudden everything you squished into that 6 hour lesson clicked right back in. I did not have to perform CPR, thank god, a paramedic was close by. I did remember to let the driver of the car know not move the passenger who was very critical from what I could tell. It was actually quite terrible. After 5 minutes of continuously reminding the driver not to move her the paramedic ran over from the near by hotel and from there I babysat his daughter who he had in tow.

I just want you to know your class is/was great and for you to remind anyone else you instruct not to worry about forgetting everything you taught them and that it will come to mind once your there in a situation and your adrenaline starts pumping. It’s scary when it occurs but you feel great after.


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Joy Letkemann & Amanda Stephens

The Lung Association

You taught myself, and my mom’s group, Parkwest Y-Neighbours, CPR this past January. As much as we were eager to learn CPR, we all probably felt or had this air about it that “really, when will I need to do this?”, and definitely felt “I hope I never have to use this”. Well thank goodness every thing you taught us stuck….

This past Saturday night/ early Sunday morning, my husband, my bro-in-law, my soon-to-be-sis-in-law, their friend and myself were driving from my bro-in-law and soon-to-be- sis’s wedding social in the country. Her mom was driving along #227 highway, just before #6, when we were flagged down by a frantic guy. When we opened the van door, we saw a cube of a crushed car, and a body about 30 feet in front of it in the ditch. My sis-in-law, who is a nurse, and I began to do CPR on this body (even though he did not have a pulse) – we switched off doing compressions and breathing – it’s strange how everything came so natural – even calling out the compressions – it seemed like only minutes but apparently it was about 20 mins before the paramedics showed up. They had us continue CPR, even as we moved him into the ambulance – I guess they knew there was no chance for him, so they let us keep doing our thing. A shame – speed, drunk driving and no seat belts – it was all so preventable.

Although there was nothing we could do for this guy, at least we tried, and I guess I would be feeling worse if I didn’t have to skills to at least do something. So thank-you for teaching us those skills – I’ve reminded our group to look at their CPR booklet again and call/e-mail you if they have any questions b/c now I know there IS a chance you will need to do it.


The Lung Association

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Leni Campbell

Manitoba Runners’ Association

Defibrillators are such an incredibly vast improvement for treatment of sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack victims. For every minute that passes, survival decreases by 7-10%, so getting that AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on and delivering CPR within the first 4-5 minutes greatly improves the chance of survival (50-75% improvement*). We can rarely achieve getting one on that fast by relying on EMS providers alone – it usually takes about 7-10 minutes from the 911 call to the rescuers arriving and getting the equipment in place, and by that time the victim has only approximately a 2-5% chance of recovery.

We’ve had extremely positive experiences with Canadian First-Aid Training. Christian and his team are excellent instructors and are extremely committed to ensuring that each person who leaves the room after a course really knows what to do in the event of an emergency. The courses are dynamic and engaging, and the instructors are very knowledgeable about their subject matter. Cost is very competitive and lower than both the previous two companies we have used in the past.

The Phillips HeartSmart AED’s we’ve purchased for Great-West are (I believe), the best product on the market for ease and accuracy of use by lay persons. The unit not only delivers the essential defibrillation shock, but also guides the user through correct use of CPR with voice prompts and an auditory pulse that tells the user when to compress the chest and when to give breaths. To some this feature doesn’t seem like much, but in an emergency situation when the rescuer’s pulse is racing and adrenaline is rushing, it can be difficult to remember exactly what to do, so having that extra guidance can make all the difference to the victim. The defibrillator only stops the heart from quivering, so knowing how to give appropriate CPR is what’s essential to get it going in the appropriate rhythm again. Canadian First-Aid Training did an excellent job in training our personnel on this technology (Philips). Just a thought!

Annastasia Lambert, RN, BN

Great-West Life Assurance Company

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Jim Stuart

Triple R Community Futures

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